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Our story so far.


The Signature

What if our dispositions didn’t require any words to be properly expressed? What if a set of jewels could reflect our individuality? In search of the perfect blend of high quality material and rare alliance of shapes we embrace this challenge when giving life to our creations.

At Célia Brown we offer the opportunity for jewelry lovers to let their originality speak and experiment with a vast range of arrangements bespoke to their form, preference of material and swag. Why be limited by jewels that don’t reflect our passion or hold genuine meaning?

Inspired by Native American totems and geometric shapes our brand embraces the fingers of modern women. We begin with an original ring collection that speaks to contemporary femininity – these gems, like their proud owners, will never cease to advance over time as we expand to necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Stacking jewelry allows owners to express themselves and bring to life their vision, herein lies the core concept.


The Designer


Aspiring to something I did not yet know was possible, I fell into the most beautiful of adventures.


I am a Swiss designer native of Valais Alps. In 2013 I completed my studies at ECAL (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne) focusing in Media & Interaction Design. Upon realizing it was difficult to express my art through computer language I set out on new adventures; travel to exotic countries, two marriages on two continents (to the same man!) and the opportunity to explore new cultures in their raw and natural state (NOT the tourist version).

My experiences in India in particular allowed me to start a career I felt passionate about, with the added bonus of discovering the perfect wedding band in Jaipur. Having visited multiple times and for long durations, I tried to extract the aesthetic essence of this complex and multifaceted country to create something personal through the use of a new artistic media: Jewelry. The longing to create something beautiful, true and authentic became a daily obsession that I want to share with you.



The Quality

Craftsmanship mixed with the fineness of the materials yields unparalleled results – each piece shines with originality. Playing exclusively with 18-carat gold, the designs are available in three colors: white, yellow and pink.

The diamonds used for the pave are GH / VS- SI quality. The color is Near Colorless while the purity is Very Slightly Included to Slightly Included. These degrees of purity have small inclusions visible under 10x magnification loupe but never visible to the naked eye of an expert.

Depending on the model, the pear-cut or marquise-cut diamonds are EF / VS or VVS quality. The color is Colorless while the purity is Very Very Slightly Included: inclusions are not visible to the naked eye and difficult to detect under a magnifying glass of 10.

Every Célia Brown jewel that includes diamonds is sold with a certificate of authenticity issued by the DGLA lab (Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America).

The precious stones and black diamonds vary between the types of design and discovery. Given the uniqueness of each stone, feel free to request more information about the desired product.

Claw setting is used for all stones.